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Greetings from Verde Garden!

We had a super busy week last week, packed with tours,classes, and lots of recess fun!! We’ve been hard at work preparing and providing fun, worthwhile, and educational activities during recess for the entire school. We also wrapped up the last of the tours with one last class and none other than the adults in the family literacy centers English class! We are always looking for ways to partner with community members and other organizations committed to providing better quality of life for our people and community.
We have also been dedicated to attending an Organic Gardening and Farming class in the college of Marin as a team. It has been an extremely helpful and refreshing course so far, this past Wednesday we studied the many factors that go into creating an awesome compost pile, we made a compost cake! Verde garden is beautiful right now!

If you are at all interested in volunteering or visiting Verde Garden please check us out: Verde Partnership Garden




Urban Tilth: Newsletter – May 2014

“When you put gardening, the outdoors, and communicating with other people, well that’s a plus for me. I really appreciate it.”
Only minutes after our interview, while I continued to photograph the forest, a young man approached Clark, asking him questions on how to best grow plants. This is the connection that Clark valued the most about the Edible Forest Garden- the opportunity to interact with all who cross the Greenway path.


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