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About Us


Urban Tilth cultivates agriculture in west Contra Costa County to help our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. We hire and train residents to work with schools, community-based organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity to produce 5% of our own food supply.
Founded in 2005 to help build a more sustainable, healthy, and just local food system, Urban Tilth has emerged as a local leader, a catalyst drawing together a variety of individual, discrete initiatives into a web of integrated, food- and community-focused efforts. In sum, we farm, feed, forage, teach, train, build community, employ, and give back. We help our community grow our own food; train and employ our own young people as “home grown experts”; teach our local residents about the relationships among food, health, poverty, and justice; foster public foraging programs; and forge partnerships with local small farmers to increase demand for their produce. We use our now 7 school and community gardens and small urban farms to teach and employ community members to grow, distribute, cook, and consume thousands of pounds of local produce each year, to create a more equitable and just food system within a healthier and more self-sufficient community.

Our Office

Although most of our work occurs out in the field at our now 7 different gardens. We do have an office next to Bridge Art Space. Our address, both mailing and physical is:

Urban Tilth
31 Maine Ave
Richmond, CA 94804


Our Staff

  1. Jessie Alberto: Project Manager, AdamsCrest Farm
  2. Rudy Lozito: Project Coordinator, AdamsCrest Farm
  3. Sherman Dean: Project Manager, Greenway Gardens
  4. Stan Edwards: Co-Manager, 16th Street Edible Forest
  5. Brandon Clark: Co-Manager, 16th Street Edible Forest
  6. Miranda Kreger: Project Manager, 6th Street Community Gardens
  7. Gary Williams: Project Coordinator, 6th Street Community Gardens
  8. Abraham Molina: Project Coordinator, 6th Street Community Gardens
  9. Adam Boisvert: Project Manager, Richmond High Urban Ag Institute
  10. Bob Gade: WCCUSD Instructor, Richmond High School Urban Ag Institute
  11. Bienvenida Meza: Education Manager, Verde Partnership Garden
  12. Sergio Solis: Education Assistant, Verde Partnership Garden
  13. Tania Pulido: Project Manager, 1st & Market Garden
  14. Maria Hernandez: Project Coordinator, 1st & Market Garden
  15. Luis Chavez: North Richmond Farm Manager
  16. Adele Ho: North Richmond Farm Construction Project Manager
  17. Nathan Bickart: Basins of Relations Program Co-Manager
  18. Princess Robinson: Basins of Relations Program Co-Manager
  19. Giovanna Velazquez: Farm Stand Co-Manager
  20. Alex Thibadeau: Farm Stand Co-Manager
  21. Laneisha Whitfield : Program Manager, Richmond Food Policy Council
  22. Doria Robinson: Executive Director

Interested in joining Urban Tilth? CLICK HERE for our current openings.

Board of Directors

  1. Navina Khanna: Board Chair
  2. Jen Loy: Secretary and Chair of Fundraising Committee
  3. Sihle Dinani: Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee
  4. Eli Moore
  5. Carla Perez
  6. Doria Robinson
  7. Tamisha Walker-Torres
  8. Laneisha Whitfield
  9. Kaylie Simon
  10. Yenny Garcia
  11. Blanca Velasquez



Without the support from a large number of individuals and organizations, we would not be able to work towards our mission. To all of our supporters, thank you. If you have contact with these businesses, organizations, or individuals, please thank them for supporting Urban Tilth.

We have received financial support from the following funders:

  • Bridgebuilder’s Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • Contra Costa County Parks Dedication Fund
  • East Bay Community Foundation
  • Kaiser Community Benefits
  • Lef Family Foundation
  • Mechanics Bank
  • North Richmond Mitigation Fund
  • UC Berkeley, Government and Community Relations
  • And hundreds of fearless, regular everyday people who give what they can to support this work and to whom we are deeply grateful!

We have received in-kind support from the following businesses:

Our work is also supported by the following agencies:

  • The City of Richmond, City Manager’s Office
  • The City of Richmond, Office of the Mayor
  • The City of Richmond, Parks and Landscaping Division
  • The City of Richmond, Richmond Works
  • West Contra Costa County Unifed School District


Contact Us

Urban Tilth

31 Maine Ave

Richmond, CA 94804