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Farm to Table CSA

About Farm to Table CSA

The Farm to Table CSA is a youth and local resident run non-profit venture. Our mission is to make sure FRESH, locally grown and organic produce is available to all West Contra Costa residents.

Every two weeks receive a 10-15lb box of fresh locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the spring expect chard, arugula, lettuces, cilantro, parsley, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, apples, pears and honey. In the summer there will be tomatoes, squash, green beans, peppers, garlic, peaches, apricots, plums and onions. In the fall and winter, collard greens, beets, kales, carrots, potatoes, onions, oranges, apples and winter squash. Each week the box will be different depending on availability. We will seek to deliver the highest quality, best tasting and most affordable produce we can find. Grown by family farmers who love the land and the food they grow.

Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture…

In order to make this possible we offer 4 levels of membership:

  1. Pay it Forward Membership $25 per box
  2. Everybody Eats Membership $20 per box
  3. Access Membership $10 per box (LIMITED SHARES AVAILABLE)
  4. Food for All Membership $5 per box (LIMITED SHARES AVAILABLE)
    • For very low income families qualifying for reduced school lunches, WIC or Food Stamps

How It Works:

If you can join at the Pay-it-Forward or Everybody Eats membership level of $25 or $20 per box, part of your membership fee will be a tax deductible donation making it possible for a lower income family to join the CSA and provide the fresh healthy food necessary for their family to thrive.

If you are a low income family there will be a limited number of low income subsidized Access and Food for ALL memberships available for $10 or $5 per box. Everyone deserves access to fresh healthy food!

Service area and Pick-up Locations:

Currently the CSA is open to Richmond and San Pablo residents. We will arrange pick up locations based on membership.


CSA Launch Date:

Our Farm to Table CSA is poised to launch in 2016.

In order to make this happen, we are:

  • Assembling a packing facility with cold storage
  • Buying a insulated truck to make sure produce is delivered in great shape
  • Recruiting a critical mass of 150 members to sign-up using our online survey


So please, tell your co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors so we can launch this project in a healthy and sustainable way!


Become a Farm to Table MEMBER!

Please complete this online form: ONLINE SURVEYand SIGN-UP FORM

We will be using this data to set-up our systems so that they cater to your needs. Hopefully, making membership in Urban Tilth’s Farm to Table CSA a simple, pleasurable and deliciously rewarding experience!

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at CSA@urbantilth.org.

Looking forward to serving you soon!

Urban Tilth’s Farm to Table CSA was made possible by the Richmond Community Foundation with support from County Supervisor John Gioia’s office and Brentwood farmers.

The initial pilot project, running from April 2009 – December 2012 was a collaboration between the Richmond Community Foundation, County Supervisor John Gioia’s office, Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust and EcoVillage Farm Learning Center. Many thanks to all of the work that went into to establishing this pathway to deliver healthy local food to our community. We hope that our stewardship of this project going forward honors the vision and effort of those who came before us.