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Urban Tilth coordinates 11 small farms and gardens and currently provides technical assistance to 3 churches across Richmond and San Pablo, California. Each farm or garden project is uniquely rooted in the community where it is located. Each project has its own story. We invite you to explore these stories and join us in the garden sometime soon:

Community Gardens and Farms


Berryland currently consists of approximately 20 raised planter beds filled with more than 18 kinds of berry bushes. The majority of the bushes are raspberries, but there are also blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, wolfberries, goumi berries and California native berries—thimbleberries, elderberries, alpine strawberries, and huckleberries. We also fudged a bit and planted a fig tree and 5 pineapple guavas. We cover crop with snow peas which were a big hit among Greenway users each winter. We will also interplant with garlic, thyme, and yarrow to increase Berryland’s biodiversity and provide habitat for beneficial insects.


Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church Garden

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Greenway Community Garden

The Greenway Community Garden is an open, gleaning garden in the heart of the Iron Triangle neighborhood in  Richmond, California. Its 42 raised beds are located on the southwest side of 6th Street along the Richmond Greenway between Ohio and Chanslor Ave. We currently raise a variety of vegetables and herbs year around free for the community to harvest.


Greenway Butterfly and Pollinator Garden

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More Kids in the Woods: Richmond Edible Forest Garden

The Edible Forest located at 16th Street and the Richmond Greenway is a forest on the middle of Richmond that offers a safe community recreational space and educational opportunities as well as the potential to grow thousands of pounds of fruit for Richmond residents. Fruit grown in the Edible Forest will be collected and distributed to the people who live and work in the city of Richmond.

AdamsCrest Farm

The AdamsCrest Farm project site is a 40,000 square foot slice of heaven, quietly nestled in the beautiful hills of Richmond, CA. The AdamsCrest site is defined by the sloping earth that encompass the farm’s southern and north eastern perimeter, and also by the fertile soil basin that comprise the site’s central core. Acting as a water sink, the slope naturally guides rainwater down into the nutrient rich soil in the basin. This sinking allows for seasonal groundwater recharging, and increased longevity of plant life into the dry summer months. The landscape of the AdamsCrest alone makes this site a perfect candidate for a learning center dedicated to teaching the concepts of urban permaculture, and sustainable urban agricultural design.


Wanlass Park Garden

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New: Roots Farm

In Summer of 2012 Urban Tilth began work with County Supervisor John Gioia’s office on developing Roots and Restoration Farm at the corner of Fred Jackson Way and Brookside Dr. This, by far, is the most exciting project Urban Tilth has embarked on to date. Stayed tuned for more updates and opportunities to get trained, hired and involved!

Roots and Restoration Farm will be an Agricultural Park and Riparian Restoration Learning Center with the mission of creating a space in the heart of the most impacted neighborhood in Richmond where children, youth and adults can deeply engage with nature. Roots and Restoration Farm will feature North Richmond’s only fresh fruit & vegetable produce market stand, You Pick It Learning gardens, and outdoor community kitchen, an earthwork amphitheater, outdoor garden and creek classrooms, petting zoo and egg farm, working urban farm providing fresh fruits and vegetables through a youth run Farm Stand and CSA (community Supported Agriculture) project, a Riparian Restoration Technician training program and an agricultural co-op incubator space creating meaningful employment opportunities for North Richmond residents.


School Gardens and Farms

Verde Partnership Garden

Verde Partnership Garden is a school and community garden located in North Richmond, CA, dedicated to serving Verde Elementary School students, parents, and community members. The garden is an outdoor laboratory that brings classroom learning to life, teaching students everything from cooking, nutrition, literacy, math, and science to conflict resolution and leadership development. The garden also brings affordable healthy food to Verde School students and the North Richmond community.

Washington Elementary Garden

The Washington Edible Education Garden strengthens our community as it enhances academic achievement, promotes physical and emotional health, encourages organic and sustainable practices, and cultivates empathy for people and the planet. Washington Garden offers in school and after-school programming.


Lincoln School Farm

The Lincoln School Farm is split between the Lincoln Community Garden on the Richmond Greenway immediately adjacent to Lincoln Elementary School and the school garden within the gates of Lincoln Elementary School which is immediately adjacent to the Richmond Greenway. The project began in September of 2007. As of July 2011, we have fourty-eight raised garden beds used by the Lincoln School Farmers program and the Lincoln Community Gardeners. Urban Tilth is the lead agency of the Lincoln School Farm project, but we have received considerable support from Lincoln Elementary School, Bright Futures after-school program.

Richmond High Farm and Garden

The Richmond High School Farm and Garden include the 8,000 square foot farm and 14 raised garden beds that the school district has allowed us to build and operate on-site at the school, where we also have a tool-shed and a greenhouse. The site also offers an additional 20,000 square feet available for us to plant and farm in the coming years.




Past garden projects:

  • Kennedy High Garden
  • LEAP Edible Streetscaping Project and Garden
  • Richmond College Prep Charter School