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Fall Greetings from Verde Garden!

October 8, 2014

We had a super busy week last week, packed with tours,classes, and lots of recess fun!! We’ve been hard at work preparing and providing fun, worthwhile, and educational activities during recess for the entire school. We also wrapped up the last of the tours with one last class and none other than the adults in the family literacy centers English class! We are always looking for ways to partner with community members and other organizations committed to providing better quality of life for our people and community.
We have also been dedicated to attending an Organic Gardening and Farming class in the college of Marin as a team. It has been an extremely helpful and refreshing course so far, this past Wednesday we studied the many factors that go into creating an awesome compost pile, we made a compost cake! Verde garden is beautiful right now!

If you are at all interested in volunteering or visiting Verde Garden please contact Luis Chavez, luis@urbantilth.org

Verde Garden Welcomes Common Vision

March 14, 2014

Verde garden is doing absolutely fantastic!
Aside from hosting our regular classes throughout the week, we also organized a day long event in partnership with Common Vision! The event consisted of a school wide assembly featuring a puppet show about urban farms, healthy food options, and even GMOS! At the garden they supported us in planting and caring for our trees, installing an irrigation system, and hosting an art activity to create some beautiful new signs for the garden! All with the help of the over 240 kids who participated! It was truly a beautiful and inspiring event. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the folks who make our work possible, thank you!


About Verde Partnership Garden

Verde Partnership Garden is a school and community garden located in North Richmond, CA, dedicated to serving Verde Elementary School students, parents, and community members.

The garden is an outdoor laboratory that brings classroom learning to life, teaching students everything from cooking, nutrition, literacy, math, and science to conflict resolution and leadership development. The garden also brings affordable healthy food to Verde School students and the North Richmond community.

Providing a connective hub and safe haven for the North Richmond community, Verde Partnership Garden grows the belief that students and community members can make positive changes in their lives.

Verde on Film!

This 15-minute film depicts the Verde Partnership Garden in action. Although it touches upon some of the many troubling issues facing North Richmond, the film also emphasizes how small-scale projects such as the Verde Garden can serve as real bright spots in even the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.