North Richmond Farm

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In Summer of 2012 Urban Tilth began work with County Supervisor John Gioia’s office on developing the North Richmond Farm at the corner of Fred Jackson Way and Brookside Dr. This, by far, is the most exciting project Urban Tilth has embarked on to date.


An Urban Farm in North Richmond

The North Richmond Farm will be an Agricultural Park and Riparian Restoration Learning Center with the mission of creating a space in the heart of the most impacted neighborhood in Richmond where children, youth and adults can deeply engage with nature.

The North Richmond Farm will feature North Richmond’s only daily fresh fruit & vegetable produce market stand, and community commercial  kitchen, cafe, amphitheater, a watershed learning center and a working urban farm providing fresh fruits and vegetables through a youth-run Farm Stand and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project, and an agricultural co-op incubator space creating meaningful employment opportunities for North Richmond residents.

The Urban Tilth North Richmond Farm is intended to be not only a source of healthy food, but also a dynamic and vibrant multi-use showpiece for agricultural production, sustainable elements, education, area history, and entrepreneurship.

The goals for the project are to:

  • Provide healthy, and locally produced food.
  • Create a program that embraces sustainability.
  • Incorporate educational programs that enrich the community.

To achieve these goals, the following issues are considered:

  •  To develop a site aimed to provide maximum food production capacity.
  • To incorporate retail and distribution opportunities for the sale of locally produced, healthy food products.
  •  To develop an energy-efficient site and structures that strive for the minimal carbon footprint.
  • To promote efficient water use and management.
  • To minimize waste generation.
  • To provide educational opportunities related to the project
  • To share stories of food production and history associated with
    the site.
  • To create a venue which may act as a catalyst for community


One of our most significant goals is to incorporate opportunities for local participation in the construction of the farm. The farm elements are designed to include local participation and purchasing within financially feasible execution. The project will include the following community-based development strategies.

Local Proposals

Specifically requesting qualifications and proposals from local, small, and/or disadvantaged business enterprise design and construction firms.

Local Hire

By “local hire” Urban Tilth means employing residents of North Richmond, City of Richmond and City of San Pablo in project construction. Contractors and direct hire candidates will be given additional points in the hiring process based on the following ranking: 1) North Richmond, 2) City of Richmond, 3) City of San Pablo.

  • Target Local Direct Hire Goal for Urban Tilth led Construction of Gardens and Temporary Buildings: 80%
  • Target Local Hire Goal for Contractor Bids: 30% 
The greater the percentage of local hire shown in proposals the more points the contractor’s proposal will earn.
  • Training and Apprenticeship. Proposals that include training and apprenticeship programs will receive more points in proposal evaluations.

Local Purchasing

For all purchases, Urban Tilth will first look for local sources. Urban Tilth will then compare the quality, cost, and availability of materials/services and choose the most local competitive option.

Contractor proposals will receive more points based on the percentage of materials the Contractor proposes to purchase from local businesses.

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