Community Greening

Urban Tilth helps to raise and sustain community gardens, coordinate regular volunteer and community special events to educate community members and enrich their knowledge of urban agriculture, healthy cooking as well as local environmental and food justice issues.

Martin Luther King National Day of Service

The annual Martin Luther King National Day of Service on the Richmond Greenway brings together  hundreds of community members to expand, improve and install new gardens along the Richmond Greenway.

Edible Streetscapes: Greening the Santa Fe and Iron Triangle Neighborhoods

The Edible Streetscapes is a Pilot Project based out of the Leadership High School where students identify open public spaces along West Contra Costa sidewalks and streets and replace dead or inedible vegetation with edible, low-maintenance berries, plants and fruit trees. This project contributes to the goals of the 5% Local Coalition as well as to the general beautification of the county.