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2013 Summer Apprentice Program


It’s that time again! Time for our Urban Agriculture Summer Apprentice program. The Summer Apprentice Program is a rare opportunity for West County youth to join a dynamic and positive group of their peers for a life changing summer of intensive urban agriculture training, community engagement, mind-opening field trips and paid summer employment.

During the course of this intensive 4-week program youth are placed on small crews at 5 of our community and school gardens where they learn to work together to grow fresh, healthy organic food for our community while developing meaningful skills.


By the end of the program youth Apprentices are able to:

  • Identify invasive, native and edible plants species
  • Weed effectively using new knowledge of plant life cycles
  • Sheet mulch using new knowledge of photosynthesis
  • Understand the water cycles and how watersheds affect urban communities
  • Use math and geometry to plan and build small scale carpentry projects
  • Transplant seedlings, sow seeds in beds, rows and trays
  • Create to scale site maps for garden projects
  • Install and plan drip irrigation systems
  • Use protocol to properly take soil samples
  • Collect seed for seed saving projects
  • Properly prune bushes, shrubs and trees
  • Use hand and some power tools safely
  • Learn to cook at least 3 basic garden fresh meals
  • Run a farmer’s market stand
  • Research and design our new Edible Forest Project in partnership with the US Forest Service!
  • Lead door to door outreach campaigns
  • Coordinate large numbers of volunteers to accomplish larger goals


Apprentices also gain knowledge!

Through awesome field trips, trainings and hands on learning activities apprentices learn key concepts in Ecology, Botany, Agriculture, Nutrition, Holistic Health, Social Justice and Community Development. By the end of the summer, after using or encountering these basic concepts in real situations they will be able to share their knowledge with their communities.


The Summer Apprentice Program is a PAID Apprenticeship. For 100 hours of hands on learning and service apprentices earn a $1000 stipend. PLEASE NOTE: Apprentice stipends are based on the completion of 100% of program projects, tasks and hours completed. If the program is only partially completed, the amount of stipend will be reduced based on the number of hours completed.


Partners in 2013
This year we are excited to be working together with our ¬†partners, Poder!,¬†The Mind Body Awareness Project, and Movement Generation’s Justice and Ecology Project and the Niroga Centers Transformative Life Skills training team. The Mind Body Awareness Project will be helping both our staff and our apprentices develop mindfulness, conflict resolution and emotional literacy skills. Movement Generation’s Justice and Ecology Project will be working with our staff and apprentices create new curriculum materials dealing with American Food Systems impact on Climate Change. More new partnerships will be announced soon…. It should be a very exciting summer!

Urban Tilth’s Summer Apprentice Program truly changes lives! And how do we know this? Well, 70% of our current staff started as youth apprentices, Now, many of them are leading work days, workshops for youth and adults all over the Bay Area, planning and installing garden projects at local churches and other community organizations. The Apprentice Program gave them the opportunity they needed to prove that they are the leaders and thinkers and dreamers we have been waiting for!

This summer we will change the lives of over 30 Richmond teens…

Please join us in this effort to re-imagine, reinvigorate and FEED our youth and our community this summer. You can make a tax-deductible and secure donation online by using the Network for Good “Donate Now” button or click here to find out how you can sponsor specific items we will need to make this summer a sweet success!
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In gratitude. the whole Urban Tilth team!