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As we look forward to celebrating Urban Tilth’s 10-year anniversary, we are gearing up to insure the sustainability of our beloved organization.

Monthly Sustainer Donors can help us insure that our gardens are open and serving the community by growing and distributing healthy fresh food and teaching community members and youth how to transform our food system by becoming the change they wish to see in the world. $5, $10 or $20 a month can really go a long way to supporting this ongoing work.



If you become a monthly donor today you can receive one of the following THANK YOU gifts:

  1. “Cooking is a Revolutionary Act” Apron (Monthly Sustainers $30 and up)
  2. Seasonal Organic Jam (Monthly Sustainers $20 and up)
  3. Herbal Hand Salve  (Monthly Sustainers $10 and up)

Become a Monthly Donor TODAY!



Make a Contribution to Urban Tilth’s Reserve Fund:


As we look forward to celebrating Urban Tilth’s 10-year milestone next year, we are setting a goal is to raise $100,000 in reserve funds to ensure operational stability.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in reserve funds to ensure operational stability and healthy growth.

Make a Reserve Fund Contribution

Our Reserve Fund will help us stabilize our cash flow so our contracted work can continue uninterrupted. Being a small community based and run organization, we seek to create our own stability so that as we begin the next phase of our development, growing our self-sustaining entrepreneurial ventures including our farms we will have the capital we need to make the necessary up front investments that will insure our success.

Questions about our programs or making a gift to Urban Tilth’s Sustainability Campaign?

Please contact Executive Director Doria Robinson at: doria@urbantilth.org

Make a Reserve Fund Contribution today!


* Deferred Giving:

Ensures Urban Tilth’s ability to ensure community food security for generations to come while providing you immediate income benefits and tax advantages. We would be glad to discuss how you can include Urban Tilth in your will/trust and designate your gift.  Please contact Doria Robinson for more information, 510-778-5886.





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