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Food Policy Council

Mission Statement:
To create a local, equitable, and sustainable food system based on regional agriculture that fosters the local economy and provides healthy affordable food for all people living in Richmond.
Healthy School Food Campaign:
As part of the Richmond Food Policy Council’s mission to create an equitable food system that provides healthy food for all people living in Richmond, the Council has launched a Healthy School Food campaign. This student and community-driven initiative will identify and implement strategies to bring fresh healthy meals, including locally grown produce and salad bars, to every student in Richmond and the larger West Contra Costa County Unified School District.
This is an opportunity to make a BIG difference: WCCUSD serves more than 30,000 meals daily! Together we can catalyze bold and positive change that benefits children, families, the local economy, and the environment.

Early Wins

Our first success was a unanimous vote by our City Council to support our campaign and their subsequent signing on of our community Letter of Support It is truly an honor having their support and equally as rewarding to know that the Richmond City Council, as outlined by the Richmond General Plan, is in favor of the health and well-being of our children.

How you can engage in the campaign?

Participation in our Healthy School Food Campaign is a great opportunity to make a BIG difference. Remember that together we can bring about bold and positive changes that benefit children, families, the local economy, and the environment. As the campaign ramps up, there will always be a need for more support and volunteers.
Currently, you can activate by:
Signing our Community Letter of Support and dropping it by Urban Tilth, or Peres Elementary
Volunteer to host a table
and help us gather signatures for our petitions
Sign on to our online Change.org petition
Tell a family member, friend or co-worker about the campaign and why school lunch reform is important to you, and get them talking!

Join US!

The Richmond Food Policy Council meets every 3rd Monday of the month from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Richmond City Hall.

Next Food Policy Council Meeting:

Monday, March 16,  2015
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Richmond City Hall, 1st Floor Richmond Room

450 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA


The Richmond Food Policy Council was started in collaboration with the Office of the Mayor, Amahra Hicks and Urban Tilth. Today the Richmond Food Policy Council has over 30 members from a wide variety of community organizations, government agencies and individual community members.

Currently the Richmond Food Policy Council is co-chaired by Gwenn White of the Contra Costa County Health Department and Doria Robinson, Executive Director of Urban Tilth.

THANK YOU to the Richmond Community Foundation for their generous support of this project since its’ inception in December 2011 and Kaiser HEAL for funding necessary to make sure the council has the capacity to make change. We could not grow, gaining the momentum necessary for change, without your support!