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Change the lives of 30 teens this summer…

Urban Tilth’s intensive summer Apprenticeship Program is a rare opportunity for West County youth to join a dynamic and positive group of their peers for a life changing summer of intensive urban agriculture training, community engagement, mind-opening field trips and paid summer employment.

Help us offer our youth a chance to discover the leaders they are meant to be.
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You can also support this program by sponsoring the materials we will need to make it happen. Choose a sponsorship level below:


For a modest donation of $6 we can supply one of our youth Apprentices or volunteers with a good pair of work gloves to protect their hands as they learn to care for the gardens.

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Garden Tools

We always need a number of shovels, rakes, hoes, pitch forks, axes, trowels, post diggers and other garden tools so that Apprentices, staff and volunteers have the tools they need to build and improve our community and school gardens.

A donation of $30 to Urban Tilth buys one of these necessary tools.

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1 cubic yard of Compost!

Until we are able to produce enough of our own rich home grown compost, we will need to supply the all of our farm and garden projects with compost.

For a donation of $40 you can sponsor 1 cubic yard of nutrient rich compost for one of our urban agriculture projects.

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Drafting supplies

Urban Tilth believes that it is important that our Apprentices leave our program with life changing experiences and real marketable skills. Learn to draw site maps and garden plans to scale is just one of the real skills that all of our interns learn.
Your donation of $75 will provide the large scale graphing paper, compasses, tape measures and other materials necessary to complete detailed and accurate site maps.

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Your donation of $100 helps us purchase enough seed for one planting season.

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Digital Camera

A donation to Urban Tilth at this level will allow us to purchase one of the 4 digital cameras necessary to operate document the Urban Agriculture classes, Apprentice program and add the student led Green media working groups with their final projects

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Soil Testing Equipment

Learning to determine the PH, soil mineral and nutrient availability is an essential first step in growing a great garden!
For a donation of $225.00 Urban Tilth will be able to purchase the equipment and pay the fees necessary to have Apprentices and staff work with UC Davis soil scientist and graduate students to learn how to properly collect soil samples for urban agriculture projects.

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1 Urban Ag Apprentice Program Field Trip

There is no better way than getting out into the field to give Apprentices the opportunity to learn 1st hand about urban agriculture and green urban landscaping. This summer we would love to visit:

  • Field Trip #1: Working Farms in East Contra Costa County
  • Field Trip #2: The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center
  • Field Trip #3: EcoHouse, The People’s Grocery & The Spiral Gardens

A donation of $500 will cover the transportation costs and other fees needed to take the Apprentices on one of these adventures that would undoubtedly help them expand their worlds.

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Garden Irrigation System

A donation to Urban Tilth at this level provides all the irrigation equipment needed for one of our gardens.

Price: $500.00
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