Community Watershed Events

Engaging Community in Our Watersheds

Part of the Basins of Relations Watersheds Program

Community engagement and volunteer events allow us to spread an awareness of our watershed ecosystem – and the interconnectedness of creek and community health – throughout the West Contra Costa County community. Community engagement events revolve around enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors and usually some sort of physical activity. The goal is to get outdoors and appreciate the ecosystems that sustain us!

   Volunteer restoration events is where local residents get their hands dirty, helping us to clean-up a waterway somewhere in Richmond. While these events also prioritize appreciation of the natural spaces in our community, we also make an impact on the ground- removing invasive species, planting native species, and improving water quality throughout the Wildcat and San Pablo Creek Watersheds!

Over the last three years, our 38 community events have engaged 778 unique West Contra Costa residents in watershed appreciation and stewardship.



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