Video — Visioning Wildcat Creek Trail

When Princess Robinson joined Urban Tilth’s Watersheds Training Program in 2015, she didn’t know what a life-changing experience it was going to be.

Before joining, Princess defined herself as “a city girl who didn’t like nature.” Today she’s Urban Tilth’s Community Engagement Manager of Basins of Relations Watersheds Program, a program that uses different strategies to hire, train, and employ local residents to improve watershed ecosystems, while creating healthy safe spaces for outdoor recreation.

Princess  enjoys her work as an environmental steward, but not only that—she is now a community organizer.

The turning point happened while she was working on various beautifully maintained creek trails in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she went back to her own community to work at the Wildcat Creek in North Richmond, the only natural area in this city, she noticed that the trail left much to be desired. Princess rolled up her sleeves and now leads the Wildcat Visioning Project, a campaign to create awareness about the need to improve this trail.

“Urban Tilth gave me a chance and I started  learning, experiencing, getting to know my home in a different manner, and being put in positions that opened my horizons,” Princess says. In this video she tells us about how she became a community leader and the vision of creating a healthy space at Wildcat Creek Trail in North Richmond.